CEM I 42.5 R is characterised by a rapid increase in strengths, attaining high early and final strengths (after 2 days in the range of 29 to 36 MPa, after 28 days from 57 to 62 MPa). During hardening, this manifests itself by a high development of heat of hydration. Available in 1.5 tonne bags or 28 tonne bulk deliveries.

  • Ready-mixed concrete
  • Mortars
  • Renders
  • Grouts
  • Precast concrete
Important Information

The chemical composition of the cement is in full compliance with sanitary-epidemiological regimen in terms of harmful substances requiring the quality of the given building material. When working with cement it is necessary to avoid contact with the eyes and skin, do not inhale dust, and use appropriate protective clothing, gloves, eyes, and face protectors.

Cement Scotland
Benefits of CEM I 42.5 R
  • Convenience when working with concrete/solutions mixture at the expense of high adhesion and uniformity
  • Improved, convenient layout, and maintenance of features over time
  • Efficient distribution of concrete mixture on the whole range of the pattern
  • High adhesion with surfaces while carrying out plastering works, even at low temperatures at the expense of dynamics of quick hardening
  • Reduced timing of construction works due to quick hardening of concrete
  • The high quality of texture of concrete items
  • It does not require extra effort to level the surfaces
  • Ecologically pure cement
Cement Scotland